Changelog 📋


We're back after few months.


Removed Completely Ads
Just Like Way To Earn With us
Back to clean design
DNSSec is now enabled
Improved Link Masking Method (Now We're using 1 more method.) 01.10.2021


First Big Upgrade.
Completely Redesigned Homepage & Waiting Screen (Removed that awful h1 tag 😁).
From now on menu is on top of the website not on the bottom. Menu is also completely Redesigned.
Improved CSS Compatibility on all pages of our website.
From now you can anonymize your links by simply adding it after Before update links must be added manually on homepage.
From now you can get paid by using our service please contact us via "contact" page. 10.08.2021


Small Changes & Improvements On Homepage, "Your Link Was Created" & Waiting Screen were made. 05.08.2021


From Now On Our Website Supports HTTP/3 (with QUIC) [Encryption & Performance Improvements Compared To TCP and TLS.] 0-RTT Connection Resumption Support which improves performance for users who previously connected to our website. 29.07.2021


Fixed an issue where the user was redirected to the home page when he did not enter http: //, e.g. instead of From now on, when the user does not enter the http: // prefix, the script will add it itself. 24.07.2021


Security Improvements. Opportunistic Encryption & HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) is now enabled. Added automatic rewrite from http:// to https://. 19.07.2021


Removed .PHP extension from all pages e.g /contact.php -> /contact 16.07.2021


Release Date: 15.07.2021